Strongest Families


Strongest Families Viet Nam is original from Strongest Families Program-Canada which has been conducted for the past 15 years and thousands of families have received help from the program. This program is designed to help parents with children between 3-12 years old learn skills aiming at dealing with children’s behavioral problems such as non-compliance, impulsivity, inattention, destruction, losing temper or temper tantrums. Dr. Patrick McGrath and Dr. Patricia Lingley-Pottie together designed this program. The program has been proven to be effective through scientific evidence. Thanks to the high effectiveness and innovative approach utilizing technology, Strongest Families was awarded Ernest C. Manning Foundation Award in 2013.

Early intervention when children have unexpected behaviors not only help parents not use physical discipline but also affect positively children behavior of children and improve family atmosphere.

The program is delivered through telephone by coaches. Coaches are trained intensively and closely supervised during the implementation of the program by Strongest Families Program Canada. Coaches have weekly telephone calls scheduled with parents to help parents use skills and complete the program step by step.

Given the remarkable achievement of Strongest Families, we, Institute of Population, Health and Development (PHAD), strongly believe that families in Vietnam have the rights to gain access to such outstanding program of support. We have been working closely with Drs. Patrick McGrath, Patricia Lingley-Pottie (Strongest Families Institute) and Simon Fraser University (SFU) to adapt the program to Vietnamese culture and family context. All parents with child from 3-12 years old who are having problems with their children are welcomed to contact the program for further instructions. This project is part of a 3-year project called: “Mental health in adults and children: Frugal Innovations (MAC-FI)” under the financial supports of Grant Challenge Canada (GCC) and The Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs, Vietnam (MOLISA).

How the program is conducted

You will receive a handbook, DVD and some other supporting documents by mail. Every week, you and coach will make a phone call in about 45 minutes. In the weekly call, you will learn a skill and discuss the application of skills with children. The average implementation of the program is in about 4 months, with a weekly call.

Strongest Families Program offers several benefits over traditional forms of care:

No travel: Our programs are delivered through telephone eliminating geographical barriers for families.

No interruption: We will find suitable time between you and your Coach to ensure there is no effect to parent’s work and child’s study.

Comfort and Privacy: You received our service in your own space. The participation and all information are kept confidential.

Evidence based: The program is designed by specialists and outcomes have proven to be strong through scientific evidence.

What did other parents and experts say about the program?

“I am more open to my child, the calls through telephone help me get more comfortable after a short time, our Coach is like our family’s friend” – Parent of a 7 year old.

“I learned so many techniques of dealing with problems and it gave me a new outlook on being a parent.” – Parent of 5 year old.

“Strongest Families has provided a mainstay of parent education and support for the families in my practice since its inception.” – Dr. Heather Rose, IWK Health Center

“A significant strength of the Strongest Families program is the fact that they are evidence based. Over the last five years, outcomes have proven to be strong.”—Julie MacDonald, Cape Breton Regional Health Authority

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